Welcome to the Random World of Emily!

Baby steps, baby steps… Welcome to the first blog entry of The Random World of Emily!

It’s random, in that my brain is like your grandmother’s attic – crammed with a lifetime of brick-a-brac, more than one person could ever sort, let alone need, and yet, harboring treasures, mysteries or rubbish. The best approach is to grab a random box and discover its contents. As a former colleague used to say, “One man’s trash is another man’s cash.” Not sure how much cash is involved here, but hopefully it’s not all trash. World, because, although sometimes I feel like I’m on my own planet, this glorious blue ball really is one big playground for me – have passports, will travel – and maybe in the chaos that swirls inside this redheaded Emily’s head like a Tesla globe, you’ll find something meaningful for yourself or someone else. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

Emily Brewer Miceli in purple and gold Lebanese writing robe with first draft of novel about Queen Athaliah
Emily Brewer Miceli’s first draft of “A Certain Shade of Light” exists. The fabulous Lebanese robe inspires me to think like an ancient queen. Photo by James Miceli

Experienced bloggers know that a blog should find its niche, focus on one area to capture as many readers as possible. Authors want to build a platform. Fashionistas want to sell platform shoes (are they still in fashion?). But I’m ADHD, highly indecisive and have just too much to share. Therefore, I’ve managed to pin myself down to a few topics or so:

  1. Random World of Emily – International travel, wisdom for the ages, recollections of adventures past, ADHD/ENFP/EMBM, absolutely nothing about child-rearing, DIY or broccoli.
  1. Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing – Contributions welcomed. These entries focus on the innumerable ways you can justify procrastinating completing your magnus opus or whatever else you’re writing. These suggestions have been thoroughly tested by the author.
  1. Author Page – Speaking of authors, someday I’ll finish and publish my first novel, A Certain Shade of Light. It’s a retelling through multiple viewpoints and fictionalized artifacts about Athaliah, who becomes the only queen ever of Judah in 841 BCE, and her relationship with her beloved stepdaughter, Jehosheba, who ultimately facilitates her downfall. It’s a rather obscure biblical story that I hope women of all faiths will appreciate. If I ever finish the epic second draft. These posts will cover biblical archaeology, my international research, writing in general, authorial decisions and other relevant topics.
  1. Bible Binge – These are Bible studies I’ve created in PowerPoint and other biblical commentary floating in my brain. The hope is to stuff it full enough to allow folks to binge on Bible study series written by a verifiable non-celebrity (Beth Moore, I ain’t).

I welcome your comments and interactions. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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    1. Thanks, Debbie. I’m still figuring this thing out and appreciate the encouragement!

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  1. bwahahaha! of COURSE it’s time to blog! And your editor eagerly awaits the next installment of the rewrites…or should you just GO FOR IT?

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