Richard’s Monologues in Richard III: How Shakespeare Manipulates Audience Opinion of a Classic Villain

  Literary works that inspire my writing, Part I If you think the media shapes audience opinion now, Shakespeare had it twisted around his little finger over 400 years ago. In Richard III, Richard is the classic villain, the nefarious hunchback, who deceives and murders his way onto the throne….

Athaliah & Jehosheba: How Two Obscure Women Affected World History

A tale of two ancient women and two priests Before Elizabeth I or Catherine the Great, there were Athaliah, the only queen of Judah, and Jehosheba, her courageous stepdaughter. Ninth century BCE. A tiny city in a tiny kingdom in the Ancient Near East. Over 2,850 years ago, the actions…

Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing is LIVE

19 Tips & Techniques to Procrastinate Writing Your Book Check out my latest blog page, The Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing, for a tongue-in-cheek list of writing procrastination techniques. Feel free to add your own writing procrastination in the comment box on that page. Include your URL to your blog, too….

Random Brain Dump #1: What’s up with Russia? The Russian Idea

Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin did little to enlighten us. I haven’t watched Oliver Stone’s maligned interviews with him, though I did watch most of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Russia seems to have reappeared out of nowhere as an enemy of the United States. It’s…

Welcome to the Random World of Emily!

Baby steps, baby steps… Welcome to the first blog entry of The Random World of Emily! It’s random, in that my brain is like your grandmother’s attic – crammed with a lifetime of brick-a-brac, more than one person could ever sort, let alone need, and yet, harboring treasures, mysteries or…